Friday, February 27, 2009

Balenciaga Sanguine City ..

I finally decided to take pictures of my Balenciaga 09 Sanguine city.
This is my first city bag and i love the size, it's perfect for me!

I love the color of this bag <3

Here are some photos of myy new Balenciaga sunglasses.. they are AMAZING!!

Here's a picture of my Valentine orchid plant from my lovely BF <3

2 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BAG! is the sanguine color more of a orangy shade or winey shade? i am interested in getting one too but i can't tell the real color from picturs, every pic is so different

galex1014 said...


Thanks for the comment! This balenciaga is such a great bag! As of right now it's my go to bag. It might be your computer because i just rechecked the photos and they all look the same color to me. It's definitely a wine shade, there is no orange in it at all. Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

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