Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!! ..

I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic New Year!
See you in 2009 =)

Forever 21 New Arrivals ..

Here are some of the newest arrivals from Forever 21

If you see something you like make sure to buy it right away because things tend to sell out very quickly.
Happy Shopping =)

Which Matte Croc Kelly? ..

Even though i am not going to be able to get this bag for
a little while, it's never to early to start planning~!
All the photos are for matte croc color reference.
I want a 35cm kelly and these are all smaller.

I really love this fauve color and i think it will go with everything
and it will look amazing with black.
I would be getting it with gold hardware, not palladium.

I don't have a true red bag and i have always wanted one.
The matte croc looks amazing in red!

And there is always the classic
dark chocolate brown with gold HW.

As you can see i have a pretty tough choice.
They are all gorgeous bags and i'm sure i will eventually end
up with them all, but the question is which one will be my first?

Croc Kelly with Evelyn Shoulder Strap ..

I really love the look of a croc kelly with an evelyn strap!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Shoes ..

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday =)
My Darling BF made me a wooden shoe rack, just what i needed, along with a lot of other great presents!

He also got me these 2 pairs of amazing heels.
I can't wait to set up all my shoes on my shoe rack tonight.
I will be sure to post pictures when i am finished =)

Forever 21 Latest Finds ..

If you see something you like Be sure to order it quickly because things tend to sell out within a few days.

Happy Shopping =)

Miroslava Duma Style ..

Monday, December 29, 2008

H&M Pre-Spring Preview ..

H&M is a great place to get trend inexpensive pieces.

I really like the print on this sun dress.

I love the pattern on this skirt.
It's so fun and colorful!

All of these items are expected to start showing up in stores around March/April.
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