Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Shoes ..

I love! You can get some really good knockoff designer shoes for under $30.00!! With all of the crazy sales Saks and Neimans have been having, i was going to purchase a pair of YSL tributes that were going to be like $350.00 instead of $800.00 and i thought i was getting an amazing deal.
I'm so glad i didn't end up getting them because i found these knockoffs on for $22.00!!
They were so cheap that i got them in purple too!

I'm going on a cruise in January and these will be so perfect with a few of my dresses =)

I also got these shoes, but in brown. They only had one pair left and they were my size. That's definitely shoe fate =)

These are next on my list. They look just like the new Gucci shoes.
Happy shopping =)

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