Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Shoes ..

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday =)
My Darling BF made me a wooden shoe rack, just what i needed, along with a lot of other great presents!

He also got me these 2 pairs of amazing heels.
I can't wait to set up all my shoes on my shoe rack tonight.
I will be sure to post pictures when i am finished =)

2 Lovely Comments:

mlle mode said...

I noticed these too about a week ago. I was contemplating adding them to my well-heeled repertoire and then all of the black ones were already snatched up a few days later.

Now they have replenished their stock...and I just placed my orders.

The black is perfect for nearly everything...and the camel will complement the browns of the summer soleil.


galex1014 said...


I wore them on the cruise i just went on and they went with everything and are pretty comfortable compared to other heels i have had in the past..

I hope you like your =)

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