Monday, September 29, 2008

.. Sorry for the MIA..

Hey everyone! Sorry i have been MIA for the past week or so. I have been deathly sick with the flu and have not had the energy to post! I'm starting to feel like myself again so keep checking back for more posts. I have a special package coming this week. My python paraty finally came in!! It's going to be shipped from NYC on wed. so as soon as i get it i will post pictures!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Affordable Fashions at Kohls...

A lot of people think that you can't get great fashion at a bargain price, well guess what.. YOU CAN! I'm not sure if any of you have been to Kohl's lately, but they have some great everyday basics at affordable prices. My favorite lines that they carry are Elle and Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Here are just a few of the great deals Kohl's has to offer. FYI they are having a HUGE sale today =)

I have this cardigan, but in black and it's one of my favorites. I even like it better than the Victoria's Secret Cashmere and Silk Cardigans.

I love the rosette detail on the neckline and the unexpected pop of color makes this top a must have!

This is a Daisy Fuentes cardigan. I have it in ivory and it's very comfy! Perfect for Fall.

When i saw this online i immediately fell in love with it. It's a scarf/cardigan. What a cool idea!

You can never have enough pairs of tights. This fall buy some colors to add a pop to your wardrobe!

This top would go perfect with purple leggings and a black cardigan!

Vera Wang always has the best accessories!

Happy Shopping =)

ahh.. GORGEOUS Chloe Python Paraty on Ebay!!!

As i'm sure all of you already know, this bag is my current OBSESSION! I can not get it out of my head!! There is now one up on ebay, but unfortunately i haven't saved up enough $$ to get this one. My Saks SA called me yesterday to let me know that my paraty will be in next week and i am freaking out that i won't get the $$ in time. This bag is pretty much sold out worldwide and there is a huge waitlist. For those of you considering this beauty i wouldn't wait long because sooner than you think they will be gone!!

Please check out my items for sale!! I am open to all fair offers.. i really need the $$ to get this bag.

Rachel Bilson's Chanel Portobello Bag..

I am a huge Rachel Bilson fan! I love her style and how she's not afraid to try things out of the ordinary. I am obsessed with her Chanel Portobello Bag. It's such a funky and unique style.

It's about time that Chanel came up with a cool unique bag. I love the whole bag in bag look to it. If you get bored wearing it a certain way you can just switch. I should be getting this bag very soon! It's a must have for any handbag collection!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lauren Conrad Collection..

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is watching The Hills on MTV. I love all the drama! LC has come a long way from her days in Laguna Beach and her style has evolved from california comfort to classy and well put together. Pretty much every picture i see of her i covet the outfi or bag.

Her collection is filled with lots of flowy modal jersey garments. They may be basic, but i love mixing basics with unexpeded accessories. I really like her use of color and her choices of silhouettes for her fall collection.

She's bringing back the one shoulder dresses and shirts. It's a style that faded away, but i've always loved it!

This is the famous LC skirt that she has seen walking all around LA in. It comes in a ton of different colors and i love it!

This is an adorable LBD

This whole outfit gives me a grease lightning feel to it lol

This dress is very sexy and comes in a bunch of colors.

Elizabeth & James Fall Favorites..

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have had a huge impact on fashion for the past 5 years. I really love this label. It's not as expensive as "the row", but it still is pricey.

I love the whole look of this jacket. It's definitely not your ordinary black jacket. My favorite part is the longer hem in the back with the pleats and the button details.

I love this modern take on the classic smokers jacket.

This is such a classy and feminine top and it comes in an assortment of colors. You could pair this with anything and get instant chic.

High waisted, wide leg pants are definitely in for the fall.

Everyone knows that the Olsen's are the ones who brought back the ordinary plaid shirt, but made it sexy. I love the seersucker fabric and the back button detail.

This is such a gorgeous LBD

I love this top! The detailed neckline is fabulous!

This is one of my favorite pieces from the collection. Every women needs atleast 4 LBD's in their overcrowded closets =)

If you haven't already definitely check out their jewelry collection. There are some amazing pieces in it!

The zipper neckline of this shirt is amazing! I've never seen anything like this before.

This vest cardigan is adorable. This is an investment piece that will never go out of style.

This is a very fun and flirt outfit!

This is a very sexy outfit without being revealing. I love it!

This cardigan is so funky and cool. Yo would have to have a certain style to pull this off, but i bet it's super comfortable.

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