Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Which Matte Croc Kelly? ..

Even though i am not going to be able to get this bag for
a little while, it's never to early to start planning~!
All the photos are for matte croc color reference.
I want a 35cm kelly and these are all smaller.

I really love this fauve color and i think it will go with everything
and it will look amazing with black.
I would be getting it with gold hardware, not palladium.

I don't have a true red bag and i have always wanted one.
The matte croc looks amazing in red!

And there is always the classic
dark chocolate brown with gold HW.

As you can see i have a pretty tough choice.
They are all gorgeous bags and i'm sure i will eventually end
up with them all, but the question is which one will be my first?

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