Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interview with Rachel Zoe..

The Rachel Zoe Show season 2 premiered on Bravo Monday night.
This is one of my favorite shows and I love following the life of Rachel Zoe.
Here's an article with Rachel that I found on Fabsugar.

Eva's white Dior was my favorite from this year's awards season. It wasn't on the runway, how did you find it?

"The PR people sent me photos even though it wasn't sent down the runway. I'll know that Eva has something coming up, I call it a check note. That necklace is probably my favorite piece of jewelry — ever. When I worked with Keira Knightley for the Oscars in '06, there was this vintage Bulgari piece and this brought that memory back to me. There's nothing like an incredible blob of turquoise. It's a dream scenario."

Speaking of jewelry, how did emeralds call out to you for Debra's navy Vera Wang?

"I love to see color. I don't want to do anything expected, or odd. The idea of emeralds with the navy is a younger, modern way to make something glamorous. You don't need diamonds for glamour. I love mixing colors, the less perfect the better."

Cameron's pink Chanel — have you asked designer's to alter before? Just not Karl? Why were you so nervous?

"Yes, I have, but Karl Lagerfeld is up there with my three heroes of all time. When you ask to make a change to an already-brilliant design, it's scary. What if it doesn't work? At the end of the day Cameron is my priority. I want to do what's politically correct, but also what's best for my client. You weigh your odds there. It was scary. Had he said no, I would have had to move on. The worst he could say is no."

New studio? Upgrade! And more staff?

"We actually have two studios now. One for the digital side of my business (The Zoe Report). We're growing Rachel Zoe Inc. And Jordan (the intern) and Marisa (Zoe's assistant). Poor Marisa is so innocent, she's the golden child of the group. She helps balance it out. Brad provides a lot of comic relief, when I'm having a really tense moment, Brad makes me laugh at it all."

It appears Brad and Taylor are getting along better. When they moved the desks downstairs, they banded together as brats. It was funny to see that banter.

"They are, but trust me they still have their moments. And they banter, for better or for worse."

When they talk about you, how does it make you feel?

"Brad isn't really built that way. It's more important to me that they get along with one another than they get pleasure out of making fun of me or patronizing me. If they weren't doing their jobs the way they do, they wouldn't be there. I wouldn't put up with it. We all know where we stand with one another. I compare it to a real family. You take abuse and you make up as if nothing ever happened. Or we don't even make up and just move on. They are so loyal."

It seems this season is going to get heavy with Taylor questioning her loyalty.

"Oh yeah. She'll be doing all season what she did last night. She's bored to tears, but she's not going to complain. But you do see a lighter side of Taylor. She's not programmed that way. I prefer she is who she is on camera, and not pretending to be something she's not. She has a heart of gold, I promise you that."

Be sure to watch the Rache Zoe Show on Bravo Monday nights at 10pm

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