Monday, June 14, 2010

Preview of Hermes Fall/Winter 2010 Swatches. .

I am very excited for the Hermes Fall/Winter 2010 collection.
I am loving the Iris, purple, color and I must get a 32cm kelly in it!!

This blue is only coming in small leather goods and accessories.

Here is a close up of Rubis and Iris.
Iris looks so lovely in clemence leather!

(all pictures from TPF)

3 Lovely Comments:

Wełniane Bambosze i Pantofle Wełniane said...

Great colors of the leather. Stunning collection!

galex1014 said...

I know I am loving all the new colors for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

I must get my hands on a 32cm iris kelly. The color is beautiful!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kind Regards,

Agnes said...

Hi, would you kindly tell me what skin is in the picture that the iris and ruby swatches are in? I like the colors on that skin.

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