Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Purchase - Ipod Nano 16GB 5th Generation . .

My Boyfriend Alex's video ipod just died on him last week.
I offered to buy him a new one, but he isn't a fan of any style that are available right now. So I gave him my video ipod and I just bought a new one!
I purchased a 16GB Pink Ipod Nano, 5th generation with pictures and video!
It should arrive by the end of the week and I cannot wait to upload all my music.

2 Lovely Comments:

Ashen said...

The iPod Nano 5th generation is so good. It’s good that it comes in so many different colors. All are really very good, I am quite confused about which one to buy. Even I cannot wait to buy one as soon as possible. I want to upload all the holiday images and videos in it.

jEMA MAGANA said...

i havee thiz ipodd is koool

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