Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Purchase - Derek Lam + eBay Collection Floral Print Georgette Chemise Dress . .

I just ordered this Derek Lam + eBay floral print dress.
I had wanted the maxi version of this dress, but they had already sold out of it in my size. I really love the print of this dress and I think it will be perfect for my college graduation next month =) I cannot believe I am almost done with school!
Five years and two degrees later I sit back and think of all the good times, late nights and hard work. It was definitely over in a blink of an eye...

2 Lovely Comments:

featherfactor said...

Wow that's gorgeous...I had no idea they did a collaboration! Beautiful choice :)


galex1014 said...

Thanks so much =) Yes, they had some great choices in the collaboration, but I missed my size in a few of them. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kind Regards,

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