Saturday, May 4, 2013

Express - Summer 2013 Wish List . .

<em>Express</em> Womens Geometric Lace <em>Skater Dress</em> Bali Blue

Express is having a 30% off dress sale until this Sunday.
I have been obsessing over these 4 dresses for weeks now.. deciding whether or not I should take the plunge! These will be perfect for summer and also my Honeymoon next year too!

 <em>Express</em> Womens Color Block Stretch Cotton <em>Skater Dress</em> Emerald, X

<em>Express</em> Womens Lace <em>Skater Dress</em> Coral

<em>Express</em> Womens Stretch Cotton <em>Skater Dress</em>

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