Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Forever 21 Finds..

I just spent more then i'd like to mention at Forever
I bought some really great pieces for my wardrobe.
If you see something you like, make sure to order it soon because things sell out Fast!

I'm so mad that this shirt sold out before i placed my order!!

I am obsessed with pearl necklaces and i have a ton of amazing ones from Forever 21.
I bought this one too last night.

This bracelet is so funky and unique i had to get it too.

I am loving this hat.. it's now on my new wish list.

I bought this too.. it's perfect for summer!

I loved these too, so i had to add it to my cart.

I also bought this too, but in a different color way.

I bought a few silk blend oversized tees.
These are perfect for layers and are very reasonably priced!

Of course i had to get these too =)

I'm going to be wearing this dress a lot come spring and summer!

I had the dress like this tunic in my cart for awhile, but when i placed my order it was sold out in my size. I love this print so much that i just settle for the tunic!

Happy Shopping =)

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