Sunday, January 18, 2009

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 09 Color and styles ..

Here's a picture of the Pre-Fall collection colors for Balenciaga
Sorry it's not the best quality!

There are quite a few new styles for this season.
I am wait listed for the green RH pencil case in the photo above.
It's going to make a great clutch/make-up bag
I had a Bal make-up clutch before, but i found it too big and bulky, but this seems like it will be the perfect size!

I love this new style, it's called the Metro.
It's very similar to Rebecca Minkoffs Morning after bags,
but the leather is 100 times better.
I want to get this bag in this color raisin or maybe even the green, but with regular hardware instead of the giant cover hardware.
The price seems pretty reasonable, but i hope it's not too small!

The style bag in the back left is called the street and it's very similar to the mini bowling balenciaga produced back in 06.
The mini bowling was my first bbag, but i ended up selling it =(
It was a great style though!

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