Friday, January 16, 2009

Miroslava Duma Style ..

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mlle mode said...

Hello dear,

A few things...first of all I adore your blog. I feel like if we met at a parisian café somewhere we needn't introduce one another since our styles are so similar we'd be mirroring ourselves.

Secondly I went through (almost all) of your posts and noticed a particular gravitation towards the incredibly alluring petite russian dame. Perhaps we should work out a schedule-you get her Sun-Wed, and I Thurs-Sat. and I'll take her to the fall runway and you'll be her front-rower companion in the summer.

How does that sound?

mlle. mode

ooh and also I think you might enjoy my recent post aussi:

galex1014 said...


Thanks so much, that really means a lot to me =)

I adore Mira's style. our plan sounds good to me!

I added your blog on my sites to visit.

Talk to you soon!

Kind Regards,

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