Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forever 21 Latest Finds ..

Here are some of my favorite latest forever 21 items
If you see something you like, i recommend buying it quickly because things tend to sell out very fast!

I love this tribal print!

I had a pearl necklace almost like think that i bought from forever 21 like 3 years ago and it was alway my go to necklace, but it just broke recently so i will definitely be getting like 2 of these!

This is a very chic jacket and you cannot beat the price!

this belt looks just like SJP in Sex and the City!

I love these ankle boots!

Happy Shopping =)

2 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your Forever21choices. However, I can never seem to find the item. Is it possible to posts links to the items?

galex1014 said...


Thanks =)

I get all of the items from and they have another site that you can find on the top of their web page called Twelve by Twelve and i find a lot of items there too. Forever 21 tends to sell out of things very quickly so if you see something you like i recommended buying it immediately. I hope this helps =)

Kind Regards,

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