Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celeb Style Inspiration..

I am obsessed with floral dresses for spring and summer!

I am loving yellow right now!
I need to add more of that color to brighten up my wardrobe.

I am absolutely loving blazers right now!
I love the mix of the hot pink with the black, it's gorgeous.

I love this look of a basic black blazer and a printed dress.
This is what my summer wardrobe is going to be filled with!

I need a new carry on luggage and i am LOVING this Graphite Damier Vuitton one.
I think i'm going to break down and buy one..
why would i want to travel to Paris any other way?

I'm such a skirt and dress kind of girl.
Kim Kardashian looks adorable here!

I love the mix of the cognac brown with the yellow.
Perfect combo for spring!

i NEED a hermes lagoon kelly bag!
I will have one before the end of summer..
It's such a fun color.

This biscuit kelly is gorgeous too!
I'd prefer it with gold hw though

I am loving her brown python paraty and her heels are gorgeous!
I am a little sad i sold mine, but i never wore it so it was pointless to keep it.
I have another gorgeous exotic bag taking it's place.. it should be here wednesday!!

I love this tye-dye maxi dress.
It's from the Gypsy 05 spring collection and i'm definitely going to buy one once they are selling them in stores. Maxi's are perfect for summer =)

now where is the warm weather?!?!?

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