Sunday, October 5, 2008

Current Obsession LV Stephen Bag ..

As i am sure all of you already know, i love the kardashian sisters. They have great style and it's so refreshing to see a family as close as they are. I know that i shouldn't be obsessing over anything right now,especially a bag because i just spent a ton of $$ on my Chloe Python Paraty, but i just can't help it! I have loved this style for a while now, but i just kept putting it on the back burner. When i was on the train on friday i saw a girl with a well loved stephen bag and it was love at first sight lol. I just knew that that was going to be my next bag!

I'm looking for a well loved one at a good price! Hopefully i will find one soon! Until then i have all of these pictures to drool over

I promised myself that every bag i buy from here on out has to have atleast 2 different ways of wearing it! I am loving bags that have a shoulder strap! It's so convient. I will try to post family pictures of my collection soon!

Sorry for the overload of picture, but i am using my blog as my reference thread!

I just found this picture of kim with her stephen bag and i thought it was hilarious!

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