Thursday, October 2, 2008

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As i'm sure most of you all know, i'm obsessed with online shopping. It's a great way to pass time and keep up with the latest fashions. Forever 21 has some amazing basic pieces that are great for anyones wardrobe and fits all budgets.

This top is long enough to wear as a dress, but would look amazing with a pair of black leggings. It's such a steal, it retails under $15.00. For that price you could get a couple of colors!

Every wardrobe needs tons of cardigans to go over everything. I love how this one has no buttons and the oversized pockets give it a unique feeling.

These shoes are gorgeous! I'm not too sure how comfortable they are, but at $25.00 it's worth it to try!

I can't get enough of colored cardigans. I have pretty much every color and it's an essential piece in my wardrobe.

I love blazers! It adds such a professional look to any outfit and it looks great over anything!

You can never have too many scarves! Forever 21 is where i buy a lot of mine because they have the coolest patterns and they are a bargain!

I love owl necklaces. It gives a vintage feel to any outfit.

These hats are definitely in for the fall. if your having a bad hair day or just don't want to be noticed, put on one of these with a pair of oversized sunglasses.

I love all the different chains in this necklace. This would look amazing if you worked it into a basic Tee.

Bright colorful accessories are always so fun. This one is bright yellow and in croc print.. what could be better??

I love the ruffles on these. Very girly!

I have never seen shoes like these. I think they are very unique and adorable!

Forever 21 also has another line called Twelve by Twelve. It's a little more expensive then the regular Forever 21, but the pieces are amazing! This dress is gorgeous! I love the plum color and the detailing along the neckline. this would go perfect with a pair of black lace tights and ankle boots!

This is another dress from Twelve by Twelve. I really love the floral print and the bubble hem!

This jacket is gorgeous! I love the dropped waist. Everyone's wardrobe needs a basic black coat.

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