Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Jane ..

I just bought these shoes. They are so gorgeous!! I hope they will be comfortable.

I also bought these.. hopefully they will be comfortable so i can buy more!

I hope the black ones are comfortable because if they are for $30.00 i'm going to buy the brown too =)

These come in so many colors, they are a must have!

For $15 you can get these in every color!

These look like YSL shoes and for less that $30.00 that's such a steal!

These are to die for!! They are next on my list!

I love this dress. It gives me a Romeo and Juliet feel.

These are a must have!

This looks really comfortable.

These look just like YSL Tributes.. they come in so many colors, i definitely need these!

I love this dress.. i'm going on a cruise in January and this would be perfect!

This dress is gorgeous. Perfect for going out to dinner or to wear with leggings.

I love this maxi dress for my cruise too!

If my other shoes i just bought end up being comfortable these are next on my list!

Happy Shopping =)

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