Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forever 21 Cart ..

There are the latest steals and deals from forever 21. I love going on this site and making shopping carts to share.

This top would look good with just about anything and i love the Rosette detail at the neckline.

These shoes remind me of Christain Louboutin ones, but these cost less than $25.00.
That's such a steal!

I love being comfortable and this top looks very comfy and would be perfect with leggings and ankle boots.

Everyone needs a pop of color in their wardrobe and this magenta will do the trick.
The pleating detail at the empire waist is great because this style will work well on all body types.

This is made out of sweatshirt material and is perfect for thoses days where you don't want
to dress up and you will still look cute!

I really think this top and skirt go really well together, but i would remove the bow from the shirt because i think it's too much. I never used to be into mixing black with brown, but i have grown to like it. It looks great when you do it the right way.

This dress is AMAZING!! I definitely need to buy it!!

My name is kayla and i thought about buying this jacket and changing the H to a K.

Be sure to check the website often, they add great deals everyday!

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