Thursday, October 30, 2008

Next Purchases ..

While i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Louis Vuitton monogram Stephen, i was browsing through some accessories that would go perfect with my new bag.

I am completely obsessed with the new LV Insolite wallets.
I'm going to buy the purple one and it will go perfect with my new bag!

Here's an example of how much it actually holds.
It's a travel wallet so it holds a ton!
Just what i need =)

Here's a more in depth example of all the slots this wallet has. It's definitely a must have and will keep anyone organized!

You can also purchase this strap and make your wallet into a clutch when you go out for drinks. I think this is a great idea, but i am not loving the price! I will find some other strap that i already have so i can make it into a clutch.

A friend of mine wants to sell her groom round coin purse. I was so upset that i didn't buy anything from this line, but now i have the chance. I'm not sure if i will hang this from my bag or not. I just want to get my bag so i can try it out!

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