Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hermes ..

I love Hermes! It has the best craftsman ship and leather than any other retailer. There products are timeless and will cost you a fortune, but are totally worth it!

I have been obsessing over the Tohu Bohu Cashmere Shawl.
It comes in a ton of colorways and will cost you as much as a Balenciaga day bag, but someday i want to own one.

This picture of the purse forum put me over the edge.
I've wanted a raisin 35cm kelly bag for awhile now, but this picture got me obsessing over it again!
When i get back from my cruise in January this is going to be on the top of my list!
But i can not even think about buying anything else until after the trip.
I already broke my ban yesterday when my dear friend told me she wanted to sell her Louis Vuitton Stephen.
How could i resist? It should be here sometime next week and i can not wait!
Stay tuned for pictures =)

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